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Our Approach

  • We differ from other simplified solutions to registration. We begin with a "get acquainted" phone conversation during which we will learn not just where you solicit, but how and at what level. A comprehensive analysis of your organization's charitable solicitation activities is conducted to eliminate any ambiguity when determining which states you need to register and where you may be exempt.

    This results in a compliance service that uniquely complements your fundraising strategy. By reducing uncertainty, we save you time and money, allowing you to better focus on your organization's mission, while we focus on your registration and compliance matters.

Who Should Register

By law, organizations are required to register before conducting charitable solicitation activities in a state. Registration is required for fundraising consultants, commercial co-venturers, and professional solicitors before the commencement of services. Organizations must renew their registrations each year before expiration.

Generally, charities, depending on their activities, mission and size, will register in as many as 41 states, plus D.C. Currently, professional fundraisers will register in as many as 43 states, fundraising counsel in 28 states, and commercial co-venturers may have to register and/or file contracts in as many as 7 states.

Specific forms and practices vary by state. We work closely with regulators to make sure we are current with their requirements and file applications and accompanying documentation properly and professionally.

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