Comprehensive skilled management of required state registration and corporate filing from
analysis to renewal with more than thirty years of experience

Registration Services

Comprehensive skilled management of required state registration filing from analysis to renewal with more than thirty years of experience

  • Legal analysis of your fundraising activities and registration obligations
  • Preparation and submission of the state forms following the states requirements
  • Comprehensive management with regular status reports, and follow through to ensure the state has the proper documentation
  • A dedicated Compliance Specialist, supported by an administrative team, and direct access to a knowledgeable in-house attorney for legal consultation
  • Timely client alerts that keep you apprised of changes to the regulations
  • Online annual questionnaire to keep your information accurate
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Corporate Filing

Our proficiency in corporate registrations guarantees quality work and a streamlined process, assuring that deadlines are met and good standing for your organization.

  • Amended Registrations
  • Annual Reports
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Dba/Other Names
  • Franchise/Income Tax
  • Withdrawals
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
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Specialty Filings

Seeking exemption or dealing with a lapsed deadline? We have the solution.

  • Exemptions for eligible organizations
  • Contract filing
  • Campaign Report tracking and completion for profit entities
  • Initial registrations for organizations with no financial history
  • Registrations for organizations with lapsed filing history
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Starting a Nonprofit

Looking to start a new organization? PCG and the Perlman & Perlman legal team have incorporated and obtained federal tax-exemption for thousands of start-ups.

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Legal Services

PCG’s in-house attorney works on the
Perlman & Perlman legal team, who are always ready to assist

  • Accountant Opinion Letters
  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Audits
  • Legal Audit
  • Vendor Contract Audits
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Dissolutions
  • Response to high-level regulator inquiries
  • Representation of client in actions brought by state attorneys general against the organization (Litigation)
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Additional Services

For five of fewer registrations, try our Keep it Simple Service (KISS). Trouble with the regulators? Let us negotiate.

  • For fewer than five registrations, we provide guidance and review; you complete and submit the forms.
  • Development and/or review of required fundraising disclosures
  • Negotiation of administrative penalties, fines and, consent agreements
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